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About Abigail Budak

Every star is born to shine a light.  Abigail Budak, as is the case with all the children of the holy muse, came into this world singing, pouring forth her love of people and nature's wonders into each song.


Abigail Budak is an International singing star with performances throughout Eastern Europe. From childhood she has performed for thousands, encompassing both religious and secular audiences.


Abigail has released three albums previously and now is releasing her first Pop Single, 'Take Me Higher'. This latest international release placed her in the producers chair in a joint venture with Cristian Faur and IMEA Christian/Gospel Album of the Year award winner, Bradley Paul Clark.  She worked closely with Cristian who has written and produced many hits throughout Europe and with Bradley to make this a stand-out single. Abigail pushed the envelope vocally with 'Take Me Higher' and beautifully melded her classical training with Pop energy. 


When you first meet her you are almost overwhelmed by her joy. Then you hear her sing and from the first note you are captured by her depth of tone and clarity of purpose.


As a vocalist she is wonderful. As a person, as an artist, as a woman she is and has that certain ‘Star’ quality.


The loveliest aspect of this artist is her creative ability in choosing material that touches the heart of the listener.  As a singer she excels at expressiveness.  

Abigail has command and control of her voice and range.  She delivers whether the song is a pop hit, an original song, a simple hymn, or a bell canto reading. 


Most importantly, she is a peaceful Romanian-American musical ambassador to Eastern European men, woman and children who need to hear about love, joy and peace in the west.


Listen to this beautiful spirit and you will always remember… 

Abigail Budak


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